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Philip III expels the ethnic Moors (Moriscos) from Spain C Note
Truce between Spain and United Provinces concluded C Note
Henry Mainwaring, English pirate, defeats the Spanish off Cadiz C
Prince Charles fails to gain the King of Spain's daughter as wife C Note
Lord Wimbledon sails to Cadiz C
Anglo-Dutch force unsuccessful in its attack on Cadiz C
War with Spain ends with Treaty of Madrid C
Anglo-Spanish naval treaty C Note
French defeat the Spanish fleet at Guetaria C
Battle of the Downs C Note
French Victory over the Spanish at Rocroi C Note
Commonwealth ambassador to Madrid, Anthony Ascham, murdered by Royalists C
Large part of the Royalist squadron destroyed at Cartagena C
Western Design C Note
Spain and Charles II sign an alliance against the Protectorate C Note
Robert Blake mounts a blockade of Cadiz C
Spanish treasure ships are captured off Cadiz C Note
Velasquez paints Maids of Honour C
English navy defeats Spanish fleet off Santa Cruz C Note
Charles II becomes King of Spain C

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