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XV Century Castilian Chroniclers: Diego Enríquez del Castillo and Alfonso de Palencia C
XV Century Spanish Vernacular Humanism: Enrique de Villena, Juan de Mena, and Iñigo López de Mendoza "Marqués de Santillana" C
Castilian vernacular humanism C
Alcohol distillation developed by Arnau de Villanova 1235 - 1312 C
Valencia and Aragon unite 1309 C
Spain suppresses the Knights Templar 1317 C
Moors take Baza from Castile 1324 C
Moors capture Gibraltar from Castile 1333 C
Yusuf I becomes caliph of Granada 1333 C
Moors defeated by Alfonso XI of Castile 1340 C
Moors lose Mallorca to Aragon 1345 C
Completion of the El Transito synagogue in Toledo 1366 C
Pedro the Cruel and Edward (of England) defeat Henry of Trastamara 1367 C
Pedro the Cruel defeated by Henry of Trastamara 1369 C
Castile and Aragon at peace 1374 C
Creation of the Catalan Atlas 1375 C Note
Construction of the Court of Lions and the Alhambra Palace in Granada 1377 C
Jews are massacred in Spain 1391 C
The Canaries are navigated and settled by Castilians 1402 C Note
Expedition sent by Henry of Castile to take control of the Canary Islands 1402 C Note

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