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Headword Date Article Type
Boustrophedon C Note
Catachresis C Note
Catharsis C Note
Episteme C Note
Trope C Note
Travel Literature in Antiquity C
Menippean Satire C
Apollonian and Dyonisiac C
Nominalism in literary discourse C
Reception of the Antigone C
Greek Dialects C
Dark Age in Greece 1100 B.C.E. - 776 B.C.E. C Note
Greek Wisdom Literature 800 B.C.E. - 400 C
First dedications at the sanctuary of Delphi 800 B.C.E. C
Development of the Greek alphabet based on a Phoenician model 800 B.C.E. C
Foundation of Al Mina 800 B.C.E. C Note
Homeric Hymnns 800 B.C.E. - 500 C
First recorded Olympic Games 776 B.C.E. C Note
Composition of the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer, their putative author 750 B.C.E. - 725 B.C.E. C
Foundation of Cumae 740 B.C.E. C

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