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Anglo-Persian force successfully gain Ormuz from the Portuguese. C
Anglo-Dutch force involved in actions against the Portuguese off Gombroon C
Iraq Invades Iran; Commencement of Iran-Iraq War C
Teheran rebellion C Note
Anglo-Persian Oil Company Founded C Note
Prime Minister of Iran nationalizes oil C Note
Baghdad Pact C Note
US troops occupy Iran C Note
Iranian Revolution C
Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran and within ten days controls Tehran C Note
Iraq bombs Iranian oil export terminals C
Failed US attempt to liberate US hostages in Tehran C Note
Iran releases US hostages C
Iraq uses nerve gas against Iran C
'Iran-Contra' arms revelations C Note
Ayatollah Khomeini issues Fatwa against Salman Rushdie C
Iran earthquake kills 50,000 people C
US imposes economic sanctions upon Iran C Note
Persia and Britain establish trading pact C
Treaty of Gulistan C Note

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