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Doubt (2009) - film adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet C
Beginning of the Sasanid dynasty in Persia 224 C
Windmills invented in Persia 700 C
Abu Muslim unites the Abbasids against the Umayyads 747 C Note
Harun al-Rashid becomes caliph 786 - 809 C Note
Start of Abbasid civil war, after Harun al-Rashid’s death 809 C
System of algebra invented in the Arab Empire 820 C Note
Persian Buwayhids capture Baghdad 945 C Note
The Ghaznavid dynasty founded in Afghanistan 962 C Note
Uljaitu becomes ruler of Mongol Persia 1304 C Note
Persian account of Mongol conquest by Rashid al-Din entitled Jami' al-tawarikh 1314 C
Demotte's Shah Nama is composed 1335 C Note
Collapse of the Mongol Persian (Il-Khanate) Empire 1353 C Note
Persia attacked by Timur 1380 C
Timur campaigns in Persia 1392 - 1394 C
Computation of pi 1424 C Note
Great Library established in Herat, Persia 1443 C
Death of Timur restores Persia, Afghanistan and North India to independence 1447 C Note
Persia blocks the eastward expansion of the Ottomans at Otlukbeli 1472 C
Behzad, the Persian miniaturist, dies 1494 C

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