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Said, Edward 1935 - 2003 People 1
Lebanese Anglophone Diasporic Literature Context 1
The Map of Love (Ahdaf Soueif) 1999 Works 1
Soueif, Ahdaf 1950 - People 2
Alameddine, Rabih 1959 - People 2
Blasim, Hassan 1973 - People 2
Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography (Edward Said) 1966 Works 2
Beginnings: Intention and Method (Edward Said) 1975 Works 2
The Question of Palestine (Edward Said) 1979 Works 2
Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World (Edward Said) 1981 Works 2
The World, the Text, and the Critic (Edward Said) 1983 Works 2
After the Last Sky: Palestinian Lives (Edward Said) 1986 Works 2
Culture and Imperialism (Edward Said) 1993 Works 2
The Politics of Dispossession: The Struggle for Palestinian Self-Determination, 1969-1994 (Edward Said) 1994 Works 2
Peace and Its Discontents: Essays on Palestine in the Middle East Peace Process (Edward Said) 1995 Works 2
Out of Place: A Memoir (Edward Said) 1999 Works 2
The Edward Said Reader (Edward Said) 2000 Works 2
Reflections on Exile and Other Essays (Edward Said) 2000 Works 2
Aisha (Ahdaf Soueif) 1983 Works 2
In the Eye of the Sun (Ahdaf Soueif) 1992 Works 2

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