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Teutonic Knights buy Estonia from Denmark 1346 C
Conversion of Lithuania to Christianity 1387 C
Lithuania defeated by the Mongols at the Vorskla River 1399 C
Casimir IV of Poland dies 1492 C Note
Ivan the Great of Russia invades Polish Lithuania 1501 C Note
Lithuania cedes Smolensk to Moscow 1522 C
Lithuanian-Russo War breaks out 1533 - 1536 C Note
Russians invade Livonia in a war of succession 1557 C Note
Russia invades Lithuania 1558 C
The Swedes take Estonia 1559 C Note
Teutonic Order in Livonia crumbles 1561 C Note
Eric XIV of Sweden annexes Reval 1561 C Note
Lithuania formally unites with Poland 1569 C
Russia conquers Livonia, but is defeated by a Polish-Swedish alliance 1576 - 1578 C
Battle of Wenden 1578 C Note
Estonia captured by Sweden 1581 C
Russia resigns its claims to Lithuania 1582 C Note
The Treaty of Teusina 1595 C Note
Treaty of Vilna between Russia and Poland 1656 C Note
Saxon troops invade Livonia; this marks the start of the Great Northern War 1700 C Note

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