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The Danevirke fortification system is started by the Vikings in Denmark 737 - 1160 C Note
Irish monks driven out of Faeroes by the Vikings 825 C
Danish King Harald Klak converts to Christianity 826 C
Greenland discovered 981 - 982 C Note
Denmark regains control of Scania from Sweden 1360 C
Hanseatic League at war with Denmark 1361 C
Hanseatic League defeats Denmark 1370 C
Peace of Stralsund 1370 C Note
Norway and Denmark unite 1380 C
Act of Union between Norway and Denmark 1450 C Note
Treaty of Ribe 1460 C Note
Norway, Sweden and Denmark united under King John 1497 C
Christian II succeeds as King of Denmark and Norway 1513 C Note
Lubeck declares war on Denmark and lays waste to Bornholm 1522 C Note
Treaty of Bordesholm has Christian II abandon claim to Schleswig-Holstein 1522 C Note
Rising of nobles in Denmark against Christian II for misrule 1522 C Note
Rebellion in Denmark 1523 - 1523 C Note
The deposed Christian II goes into exile 1523 C Note
Christian II of Denmark attempts to invade Norway 1531 C Note
Death of Frederick I of Denmark leads to a civil war 1533 C Note

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