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'Perpetual' Alliance between Prussia and Sweden Context Note 0
'Spartacus' Communist group founded in Berlin Context 0
Simplicissimus - a satirical newspaper - founded Context 0
57 people escape East Berlin to West Berlin in a 470 foot/133 meter tunnel Context 0
8500 British troops join Ferdinand of Brunswick Context Note 0
90 000 miners in the Ruhr strike Context Note 1
A 'Communist state' is established by the Anabaptists at Munster Context Note 0
A Catholic League of German princes is formed at Munich Context Note 0
A Constitution is granted in Hesse-Cassel Context Note 0
A defensive alliance is signed between Brandenburg and France Context Note 0
A Foreign Ministry is established in Prussia Context Note 0
A French army enters the Palatinate Context Note 0
A French army forces the imperialists to raise the siege of Heidelberg Context Note 0
A French army with Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar defeats the Bavarians Context Note 0
A German Parliament is summoned by Frederick William IV of Prussia Context Note 0
A joint expedition from German states is made against Munster Context Note 0
A peace conference opens at Cologne Context Note 0
A protest against the Diet's decisions creates the word 'Protestant' Context Note 0
A Protestant Union of German princes is formed at Anhausen Context Note 0
A Prussian bill for religious education is withdrawn after angry debate Context Note 0

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