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Author, Implied C
Implied Reader C
Zeitgeist C
Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor (1950) - film adaptation of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor C
Tragedy of Fate [Schicksalstragödie] 600 B.C.E. - 1958 C
The Goths 200 - 711 C
German-Jewish Literature 321 - 2006 C
Battle of Cologne 716 C Note
Thor’s Oak felled 723 C Note
Charlemagne’s 13-year campaign against the Saxons begins 772 - 785 C Note
Massacre of Verden 782 C Note
Vidukind, Saxon prince, coverts to Christianity 785 C Note
Charlemagne annexes Bavaria 788 C
Charlemagne completes the conquest and conversion of the Saxons 804 C
Louis the Pious divides the Carolingian Empire among his sons 839 C Note
Magyars attack the forces of Frankish emperor Louis II (the German) 862 C Note
Henry, Duke of Saxony, is elected King of the Germans 919 C
Battle of Riade 933 C Note
Battle of Lechfeld (Augsburg) 955 C Note
Concordat of Worms 1122 C

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