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Austrian Poetry C
The Holy Roman Empire 800 - 1806 C
Greater Moravia established 833 - 900 C Note
Magyar campaigns in Western Europe 906 - 933 C Note
Minnesang 1150 - 1250 C
German Courtly Romance 1170 - 1314 C
Venice makes Brenner Pass accessible for vehicles 1300 C
Swiss union joined by Luzern 1332 C
Burgundy defeated by the Swiss at Laupen 1339 C
Swiss League joined by Zurich 1351 C
Swiss League joined by Berne 1353 C
Peace treaty between the Swiss League and the Habsburgs 1358 C
Leopold III defeated by the Swiss Confederation at Sempach 1386 C
Treaty of Zurich: Offers recognition of Swiss territories 1389 C Note
Twenty year truce arranged between the Habsburgs and the Swiss Confederation 1394 C
Independence of the Swiss League recognised by the Habsburgs 1474 C
Jakob Fugger is given the right to mine silver in the Tyrol 1487 C
Maximilian I of Austria joins the Anglo-Spanish alliance against France 1490 C
John the Infante of Spain marries Margaret of Austria 1497 C Note
Treaty of Basle 1499 C Note

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