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French Arthurian Romance C
Chansons de croisade C
Benedictines 529 C
Death of Pepin II of Herstal, prince of the Franks 714 C Note
Battle of Compi├Ęgne 715 C Note
Battle of Vincy 717 C Note
Battle of Soissons 718 C Note
Battle of Toulouse 721 C Note
Battle of Poitiers 732 C Note
Battle of Tours (Poitiers) 732 C Note
Charles Martel conquers Burgundy 735 C
Battle of Avignon 737 C Note
Charles Martel dies 741 C Note
Franks recapture Narbonne, Southern France, from the Arabs 759 C Note
Death of Pipin III and ascent to the throne of Charles the Great (Charlemagne) 768 C Note
Charlemagne becomes the sole ruler of the Frankish empire 771 - 814 C Note
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor 800 C
Romanesque 800 - 1200 C Note
Expansion of the Normans 800 - 1259 C
Frankish emperor Louis I recognizes the independence of Celtic Brittany from the empire 826 C Note

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