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Port Royal C
Martyr play C
Le Roman comique C
Querelle des femmes C
Les canards C
17th-century French street literature C
17th-century French libertinism C
Orientalism in 17th-century France C
Préciosité C
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes C
17th-century French Moralists C
Henry IV of France declares war on Savoy 1600 C Note
Henry IV of France marries Maria de Medici 1600 C Note
Henry IV takes Bourg 1600 C Note
Montmelion falls to the French 1600 C Note
The future Louis XIII of France is born to Queen Marie de' Medici 1601 C Note
Charles de Gontaut, duc de Biron, executed by Henry IV of France for high treason 1602 C
France at War with United Provinces of the Netherlands 1602 C
Duke of Biron agrees to stand trial for treason before Henry IV 1602 C Note
Jesuits allowed to return to France and establish colleges 1603 C

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