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Seventeenth-Century French Salons C
Seventeenth-Century French Memoirs C
17th-century French moralists C
préciosité C
Alchemy 500 B.C.E. - 1750 C
Reign of Louis XIV of France 1643 - 1715 C
Château de Versailles and its gardens 1661 - 1789 C
Reign of Louis XV of France 1715 - 1774 C
Lord Bolingbroke flees to France 1715 C Note
John Law sets up a joint-stock Banque Generale in Paris 1716 C Note
Triple Alliance of Britain, France and Holland against the Jacobite Pretender 1716 - 1717 C Note
James III the Pretender is forced to leave France 1717 C Note
Peter the Great stays in Paris 1717 C Note
Dubois becomes French Foreign Secretary 1717 C Note
James II's widow dies in France 1718 C Note
Quadruple Alliance against Spain 1718 C Note
France declares war on Spain 1719 C Note
Peace treaty is signed between the Quadruple Alliance and Spain 1720 C Note
Defensive Alliance between Britain, Spain and France 1721 C Note
Dubois becomes a Cardinal by bribery 1721 C Note

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