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Livres d'artiste C
Livre d'artiste C
Art Nouveau 1900 - 1914 C
Cubism 1900 - 1939 C
Gamma-rays discovered by Paul Villard while studying uranium decay 1900 C
Republican bloc formed in France 1900 C Note
French government aid wine-growers 1900 C Note
Secret Franco-Italian agreement 1900 C Note
Elie Cartan develops the exterior derivative 1901 C
French Association Law promulgated 1901 C Note
Visit of Russian Emperor to France 1901 C Note
French miners vote for general strike 1901 C Note
Franco-Russian declaration approves Anglo-Japanese alliance 1902 C Note
René Waldeck-Rousseau resigns in France 1902 C Note
Edward VII visits Paris 1903 C Note
Franco-British Entente Cordiale 1904 C Note
U.S. acquires French Panama Canal co. property 1904 C Note
French ambassador at Vatican recalled 1904 C
Franco-Spanish treaty 1904 C Note
Émile Combes introduces bill for Church and State's separation 1904 C Note

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