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The OuLiPo Group C
Sartre's Esthetic of Theater C
Surrealism 1919 - 1966 C
Second World War begins 1939 - 1945 C Note
Treaty of Paris: European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) established 1951 C Note
Peace contract between Great Powers 1952 C Note
Western European Union established 1954 - 1954 C
Nouveau Roman 1955 - 1970 C
Structuralism 1958 C
De Gaulle returns to power in France 1958 C
France declares the Fifth Republic 1958 C Note
De Gaulle sworn in as President of the French 5th Republic 1959 C
Binary Oppositions 1960 C
Subject, The 1960 C
Intertextuality 1960 C
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development established 1961 C Note
OAS bombing campaign in Paris against advocacy of Algerian independence 1962 C
France and Germany sign 'Reconciliation' Treaty 1963 C
France launches satellite 1965 C
General Theory of Seduction 1965 C

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