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Second Spanish Partition Treaty is ratified 1700 - 1700 C Note
Charles II of Spain appoints Philip of Anjou his heir 1700 C Note
Charles II dies 1700 C Note
British expedition to Cadiz fails 1702 - 1702 C Note
Sir George Rooke seizes part of Spanish treasure fleet in Vigo Bay 1702 C Note
Archduke Charles is proclaimed King of Spain in Madrid 1703 C Note
British navy takes Barcelona 1705 C Note
Charles III of Austria is recognised in Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon 1705 C Note
British raise siege of Barcelona by French 1706 C Note
British and Portuguese enter Madrid 1706 C Note
British are defeated at Almanza 1707 - 1707 C Note
British capture Minorca 1708 - 1708 C Note
British victory at Alminara 1710 - 1710 C Note
Allied victory at Zaragoza 1710 C Note
Charles III enters Madrid but soon retires to Catalonia 1710 C Note
British troops are defeated at Brihuega 1710 C Note
The French defeat Imperial troops at Villaviciosa 1710 C Note
King Joseph I of Spain dies 1711 C Note
Philip of Spain renounces claim to the French throne 1712 C Note
Spain agrees to cede Gibraltar and Minorca to Britain 1713 - 1713 C Note

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