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Headword Date Article Type
Battle of Trafalgar C
Spanish military coup C Note
Spanish dictator overthrown C Note
Spanish Civil War begins C Note
Spanish Civil War ends C Note
Basques commence terror campaign in Spain C
General Franco's dictatorship ends; Prince Carlos takes over in Spain C Note
Spaniards vote for democratic government C
Attempted right-wing coup in Spain C
Spain joins NATO C Note
Middle East Peace Conference in Spain C
Spain declares war on Britain C Note
Spain declares war on Britain C Note
Peninsular War C Note
Joseph Bonaparte made king of Spain C Note
British defeat French at Corunna C
Battle of Talavera C Note
Battle of Fuentes de Onoro: Duke of Wellington defeats French C Note
Victories achieved at Burgos and Vitoria by the Duke of Wellington C
1812 Constitution restored in Spain by Ferdinand VII; Inquisition abolished C

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