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Battle of Aljubarrota 1385 C Note
Portugal invents the three-masted caravel 1400 C Note
Portugal and Aragon make peace after thirty years of fighting 1411 C
Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator establishes an observatory and a school of navigation 1419 C Note
Lisbon becomes the centre of Portuguese government 1422 C Note
First shipload of African slaves sent to Portugal 1441 C
Cape Verde reached by Portuguese navigators 1446 C Note
Gulf of Guinea reached by Portuguese navigators 1471 C
Treaty of Alcacovas 1479 C Note
John II becomes King of Portugal 1481 - 1495 C Note
King John II of Portugal commissions the first European manual of navigation and nautical almanac 1484 C
Expulsion of Jews from Portugal 1495 C Note
Manuel the Fortunate becomes King of Portugal 1495 C Note
Manuel, King of Portugal marries Isabella of Spain 1497 C Note
Isabella, wife of Manuel the Fortunate of Portugal, dies in childbirth 1498 C Note
Dom Miguel, heir to Spain and Portugal, dies 1500 C Note
Manuel the Fortunate, King of Portugal, marries Maria, the Infanta of Spain 1500 C Note
Beothuk Indians enslaved by Miguel Corte-Real 1501 C
Socotra seized by Afonso de Albuquerque 1506 C Note
Ethiopian ambassador sent to Portugal 1509 C

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