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First circumnavigation of the world by the fleet of Ferdinand Magellan C Note
Expulsion of Jews from Portugal C Note
Lisbon Earthquake C Note
Philip IV becomes King of Spain and Portugal C
Portugal regains its independence from Spain C
Robert Blake re-engages and blockades Prince Rupert in the Tagus C
Prince Rupert leaves the Targus with the Royalist fleet C
Prince Rupert escapes C Note
Alphonso VI becomes King of Portugal C Note
Peter II becomes King of Portugal C Note
Smyrna Convoy action C Note
Portuguese rebellion and regicide C Note
Portuguese Republic declared C Note
Carnation Revolution: Portuguese military coup C Note
Portugal hosts democratic elections C
Spain and Portugal become members of EEC C
Torres Vedras defended by the Duke of Wellington C
Civil war in Portugal C
Britain supports Portugal against Spain by sending troops to Tagus C Note
Dictatorship of Costa-Cabral overthrown by Portuguese peasants C

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