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Athens captured by the Ottomans 1456 C
Peloponnese conquered by the Ottomans 1460 C
Venice takes control of Cyprus 1473 C
Venice buys Cyprus 1489 C Note
Turks defeat Venetian fleet at Sapienza 1499 C Note
Lepanto surrenders to the Sultan 1499 C Note
Venetians seize Santa Maura from the Turks 1502 C Note
Ottomans conquer the island of Rhodes after a six-month siege 1522 C Note
A Turkish fleet fails to take Corfu 1537 C Note
Barbarossa takes the Morea from Venice 1538 C Note
Chios captured by the Ottomans 1566 C
The Turks sack Nicosia, Cyprus 1570 C Note
Battle of Lepanto 1571 C Note
The Turks take Famagusta, Cyprus 1571 C Note
A new Turkish fleet sets off to complete the capture of Cyprus 1572 C Note
English defeat Dutch fleet off Texel 1653 C Note
The Turks capture Tenedos and Lemnos from the Venetians 1657 C Note
Spanish are defeated at Gravelines 1658 - 1658 C Note
The Venetians finally surrender Crete to the Turks 1669 C Note
Turkey surrenders Athens after a Venetian bombardment 1687 C Note

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