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Prague is founded 721 C Note
First Christian church in Central and Eastern Europe in Nitra 828 C
The Slavs of Moravia convert to Christianity 869 C
Bohemia becomes independent from Moravia 895 C Note
Henry I of Germany defeats the Wends 929 C Note
Bohemia declares its independence 929 C Note
Prague University is founded 1347 C Note
Prague is made the capital of the Holy Roman Empire 1350 C Note
Charles IV issues his Golden Bull 1356 C Note
Jan Hus starts giving lectures at the University of Prague 1398 C Note
Jan Hus begins preaching in Prague 1402 C Note
Jan Hus burned as a heretic 1415 C Note
Hussite Wars in Bohemia 1419 - 1436 C
Hussites victorious over German troops 1430 C Note
Battle of Lipany 1434 C Note
Emperor Sigismund becomes King of Bohemia 1437 C Note
Louis II succeeds as King of Bohemia and Hungary, aged ten 1516 C Note
Archduke Ferdinand of Austria is crowned King of Bohemia 1527 C Note
Ferdinand of Bohemia and John Zápolya sign a truce 1531 C Note
Hapsburgs assert hereditary right to the Bohemian Crown 1547 C Note

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