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Theatre of the Absurd [Theater of the Absurd] C
Prague Linguistic Circle C
Semiotics, Semiology C
Elector Palatine chosen as King of Bohemia by rebelling Protestants C Note
Battle of the White Mountain C Note
Germany annexes Western Czechoslovakia C Note
Slovakia becomes a German client state C Note
Warsaw Pact countries invade Czechoslovakia to stamp out the "Prague Spring" C Note
Czechoslovakian Charter 77 C Note
Velvet Revolution: Protests in Czechoslovakia against communist rule C
'Velvet Divorce' C Note
Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary join NATO C
Battle of Austerlitz, Moravia C Note
Convention of Olmutz: Prussia recognises Austrian supremacy C Note
Antonin Dvorak finishes his symphony From the New World C
Prague is founded C Note
First Christian church in Central and Eastern Europe in Nitra C
The Slavs of Moravia convert to Christianity C
Bohemia becomes independent from Moravia C Note
Henry I of Germany defeats the Wends C Note

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