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Frankish army defeats the Avars on the Pannonian plain 805 C
Magyar tribes settle in Central Europe 895 - 900 C Note
Stephen I (the Saint) becomes King of Hungary 1000 C Note
Andras III, King of Hungary, dies 1301 C Note
Louis the Great becomes King of Hungary 1342 - 1382 C
Reign of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary 1458 - 1490 C Note
Ladislas II becomes King of Hungary 1490 C Note
Hungarian King decreed to be independent of Pope and Emperor 1514 C Note
Turkey and Hungary signs a seven-year truce 1525 C Note
Battle of Mohacs 1526 C Note
Suleiman I takes Buda 1526 C Note
John Zapolya is crowned King of Hungary 1526 C Note
Ferdinand of Bohemia defeats John Zápolya at Tokay 1527 C Note
Ferdinand is recognised King of Hungary 1527 C Note
John Zápolya makes a treaty with Suleiman I 1528 C Note
Defeat of Suleyman the Magnificent in Hungary 1532 C Note
Suleiman I invades Hungary and advances towards Vienna 1532 C Note
Peace treaty between Ferdinand of Habsburg and the Ottoman Empire 1533 C Note
The infant John Sigismund Zápolya succeeds as King of Hungary 1540 C Note
Suleiman I takes Buda and annexes Hungary 1541 C Note

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