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King Mieszko I of Poland accepts Christianity 966 C Note
Poland reunited 1320 C
Casimir the Great becomes King of Poland 1333 C Note
Treaty of Kalisz 1343 C Note
University of Cracow is established 1364 C
Law code promulgated by Casimir III of Poland 1368 C
Louis of Hungary becomes King of Poland 1370 C
Union of Krewo: Jagiellonian dynasty established 1385 C Note
Battle of Tannenberg II 1410 C Note
Poland gains Marienburg from the Teutonic Knights 1457 C Note
Statute of Piotrkow in Poland 1493 C Note
Louis XII makes treaty of alliance with John Albert, King of Poland 1500 C Note
Poland surrenders the left bank of the River Dnieper to Russia 1503 C Note
The Constitution of Radom makes the Diet the legislative organ of Poland 1504 C Note
Sigismund I accedes to the throne of Poland 1506 C Note
Nicolaus Copernicus postulates the revolution of the earth around the sun 1514 C
Polish-Lithuanian armies crush Russians at Orsza 1514 C Note
Russo-Polish Twenty Years' War ends 1526 C Note
Sigismund II Augustus succeeds as King of Poland 1548 C Note
Calvinists, Lutherans and Moravians in Poland ally against the Jesuits 1570 C Note

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