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Headword Date Article Type
Carnival, Carnivalesque, Carnivalisation C
Chronotope C Note
Dialogism, Dialogical C Note
Emplotment C
Heteroglossia C Note
Burlesque [Belarussian] C
Nineteenth-Century Ukrainian Literary Almanacs C
Vikings seize Kiev 850 C Note
Rus’-Byzantine War 907 C Note
The Byzantine empire makes peace with the Russians at Kiev 911 C Note
Rus’-Byzantine War 941 - 941 C Note
Kievan Rus’ take over Khazar territory 965 - 967 C
Pechenegs besiege Kiev 968 - 969 C Note
Russian Calendar 988 - 1917 C
Vladimir, prince of Novgorod, converts to Christianity 988 C Note
Kingdom of Leon is subject to Muslim rule 988 C Note
Russian Children's Literature 1100 C
Byliny [Russian Heroic Poems] 1200 - 1860 C
Muscovy expands under the leadership of Ivan I 1328 C
Plague evident in Kaffa, Crimea 1346 C

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