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Mnogo Shuma Iz Nichego (1973) - film adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing C
Komodiya Oshibok (1978) -- film adaptation of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors C
Ukroshchenie Stroptivoy (1961) - film adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew C
Defamiliarisation / Ostranenie 1917 C Note
Russian Revolution 1917 C
Soviet Literature - Samizdat, Tamizdat and Gosizdat publishing 1917 - 1991 C Note
Russian Revolution commences 1917 C Note
Bolshevik (October) Revolution 1917 C Note
Second Brusilov Offensive 1917 C Note
February Revolution in Russia 1917 - 1917 C Note
Prince Lvov reforms cabinet in Russia 1917 C Note
U.S. mission under E. Root arrives in Petrograd 1917 C Note
First all-Russian congress of Soviets 1917 C
Russian Black Sea fleet mutinies 1917 C
Alexander Kerensky launches Russian counter-attack 1917 C
Battle of Zborov 1917 C Note
Lenin and other Bolsheviks fail to seize power 1917 C
German-Austrian counter-attack in Galicia 1917 C
Prince Lvov resigns in Russia 1917 C Note
Russians take Czernowitz 1917 C

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