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Settlement of Alaskan frontier by 3-power commission 1903 C Note
Canadian protectionist tariff 1904 C
Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan formed 1905 C
Royal Canadian Navy formed 1910 C
Canadian Parliament preserves union within British Empire 1911 C Note
U.S. Congress meets in extra-ordinary sessions 1911 C Note
Taft signs Reciprocity Bill with Canada 1911 C
Liberals defeated in Canadian general election 1911 C Note
Robert K. Borden forms Conservative ministry 1911 C
Canadian Senate rejects naval bill 1913 C
Argentina, Brazil and Chile arbitrate between U.S. and Mexico 1914 C Note
Niagara Falls delegates approve Mexican government 1914 C Note
Robert Borden becomes Canadian premier 1917 C Note
Prohibition in Canada 1917 C
Bankruptcy of Canadian Grand Trunk Pacific Railway 1919 C
Great strike in Winnipeg 1919 C Note
Mackenzie King elected Canadian Liberal leader 1919 C
Prince of Wales visits Canada and U.S. 1919 C Note
Robert Borden resigns in Canada 1920 C
Insulin isolated 1921 C Note

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