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Helsinki Accords signed; Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe founded 1975 C Note
Thirty-two African nations boycott Montreal Olympics objecting to sporting links with South Africa 1976 C
CN Tower completed 1976 C Note
First meeting of the 'G-7' Industrial Nations 1981 C Note
Canada's newly autonomous territory 'Nunavut' elects first representatives 1999 C
St. Lawrence Seaway 1959 C Note
Major power failure in U.S. and Canada 1965 C Note
NAFTA goes into effect 1994 C Note
Werner Israel proves that a non-spinning black hole must be precisely spherical 1967 C
Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci earns the first of 7 perfect scores of 10 1976 C
Atwood, Margaret 1939 - P
Avison, Margaret 1918 - 2007 P
Birney, Earle 1904 - 1987 P
bissett, bill 1939 - P
Bissoondath, Neil 1955 - P
Blaise, Clark 1940 - P
Bolt, Carol 1941 - 2000 P
Bowering, George 1935 - P
Brewster, Elizabeth 1922 - P
Bringhurst, Robert 1946 - P

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