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Authority, literary C
New England Primer C
Arab Literary Culture in the United States C
George Weymouth visits the New England court 1605 C Note
Virginia Colony founded at Jamestown 1607 C Note
English found colony of Maine 1607 C Note
Henry Hudson enters Hudson’s Bay 1609 C Note
Thomas West, Baron De La Warr, is appointed Governor of Virginia 1610 C Note
Dutch first use Manhattan Island as a centre for the fur trade 1612 C Note
First American Parliament meets 1619 C Note
Black slaves carried to Virginia on a Dutch ship 1619 C Note
Plymouth Colony founded (colony of Massachusetts) 1620 C Note
American Puritan Writing 1620 - 1750 C
The Mayflower Compact signed 1620 C Note
William Bradford becomes Governor of Plymouth Colony 1621 C Note
Sir Francis Wyatt brings administrative reforms to Virginia 1621 C Note
Sir Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason obtain lands in Maine 1622 C Note
First English Settlement in New Hampshire 1623 C Note
The Maypole at Merry Mount 1624 C Note
The Dutch establish the colony of New Netherland 1624 C Note

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