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American Detective Fiction C
100,000 Loyalists have fled the United States, mainly to Nova Scotia 1783 C Note
The Newburgh Conspiracy 1783 - 1783 C Note
Revolutionary Army officers form the Society of Cincinnati 1783 C Note
Jefferson's Slavery Ban Proposal 1784 C Note
First U.S. newspaper 1784 C Note
Jefferson's land ordinance passed 1784 C Note
Financial depression in U.S 1784 C Note
Constitutional Convention called 1786 C Note
Annapolis convention 1786 C Note
Dollar Currency Introduced in US 1787 C Note
US Constitution signed and submitted for ratification 1787 C Note
Delaware admitted to the Union 1787 C Note
Pennsylvania admitted to the Union 1787 C Note
New Jersey admitted to the Union 1787 C Note
Shays Rebellion 1787 C Note
The Constitutional Convention, with George Washington presiding, convenes in Philadelphia 1787 C Note
The Northwest Ordinance 1787 C Note
New York assembly imposes duties on foreign goods 1787 C Note
Philadelphia convention frames constitution 1787 C Note

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