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'Black List' of firms in neutral countries issued 1916 Context Note 5 2010-03-01
‘Twixt Land and Sea (Joseph Conrad) 1912 Works 2
“Autumn” (T. E. Hulme) 1909 Works 2
“New Zealand: Answer to an Inquiry” (Anna Kavan) 1943 Works 3
“One of These Little Ones…”: A Plea to Parents and Others for Europe’s Children (Vera Mary Brittain) 1943 Works 2
“The Case of Bill Williams” (Anna Kavan) 1944 Works 3
“The Fasti” of Ovid (James Frazer) 1929 Works 2
14A: A Novel Told in Dramatic Form (Laura Riding) 1934 Works 2
18 poems by “Edward Eastbury” in an Annual of New Poetry (Edward Thomas) 1917 Works 3
1914 and Other Poems (Rupert Brooke) 1915 Works 2
777 (Aleister Crowley) 1909 Works 1
A Bride in the 30's (W. H. Auden) 1935 Works 3 2017-01-19
A Bright Green Field (Anna Kavan) 1958 Works 3
A Call (Ford Madox Ford) 1910 Works 3
A Certain World (W. H. Auden) 1970 Works 2
A Change in the Cabinet (Hilaire Belloc) 1909 Works 3
A Charmed Circle (Anna Kavan) 1929 Works 3
A Clergyman's Daughter (George Orwell) 1937 Works 3 2013-04-18
A Companion to Mr. Wells’s ‘Outline of History’ (Hilaire Belloc) 1926 Works 3
A Concise History of Modern Painting (Herbert Read) 1959 Works 2

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