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Pequot War 1639 C Note
Indian Captivity Narratives 1650 - 1860 C
Mary Rowlandson publishes an account of her captivity among Indians 1682 C Note
William Penn buys land from Indians 1683 C Note
French and Indian forces attack Deerfield 1704 C Note
The Tuscarora Indian War 1711 - 1713 C Note
Battle of Great Meadows 1754 C Note
French and Indians besiege Fort William Henry 1757 - 1757 C Note
Butler leads Indians in Cherry Valley massacre 1778 C Note
Congress despatch force to Wyoming Valley 1779 C Note
Harrison wins battle at Tippecanoe 1811 C Note
Battle of Horse Shoe Bend 1814 C Note
First Seminole War 1817 - 1818 C Note
US Government purchases land from Chickasaw 1818 C Note
Indian Removal Act 1830 C Note
Battle of Bad Axe River 1832 C Note
Sauk Chief Keokuk resigns tribal claims to land east of the Mississippi 1832 C Note
The Black Hawk War begins 1832 C Note
Second Seminole War 1835 - 1842 C Note
Smallpox epidemic kills 15,000 Native American Indians 1837 C Note

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