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Headword Date Article Type
Pequot War C Note
Indian Captivity Narratives C
Battle of Great Meadows C Note
French and Indians besiege Fort William Henry C Note
First Seminole War C Note
US Government purchases land from Chickasaw C Note
Indian Removal Act C Note
Battle of Bad Axe River C Note
Sauk Chief Keokuk resigns tribal claims to land east of the Mississippi C Note
Second Seminole War C Note
Smallpox epidemic kills 15,000 Native American Indians C Note
Trail of Tears C Note
Apache uprisings in the south-west of the USA C Note
Sioux Uprisings in Minnesota and North Dakota C Note
Navajo War C Note
Great Sioux War C Note
Railroad Act: allows Native American lands to be appropriated C Note
Peace treaty between Oglala Sioux and General Sherman C Note
Apache Wars C Note
Modoc War C Note

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