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Inhabitants of Hispaniola forced by Columbus to pay tribute to Spain 1495 C
Spanish settlers and natives revolt against the rule of Columbus in Hispaniola 1499 C
Spanish enslave natives of Hispaniola 1508 C
John Hawkins begins a slave trade between Sierra Leone and Hispaniola 1562 C Note
French occupy the Antilles and Cayenne 1625 C Note
Tortuga, off Hispaniola, is settled by pirates 1630 C Note
The French occupy Martinique and Guadeloupe 1635 C Note
Introduction of sugar-cane as an agricultural product in Antilles 1644 C
English abandon their attack on Guadeloupe 1691 C
Sir Francis Wheeler raids Martinique on two occasions 1693 C
Rodney indecisive against French at Martinique 1780 C
Britain takes Seychelles, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guadaloupe 1794 C Note
Haiti established as an independent state 1804 C
Guadaloupe is taken by British 1810 C Note
President Oreste of Haiti abdicates during revolt 1914 C Note
Négritude 1934 - 1960 C
US invades Haiti and restores democracy 1994 C Note
Leger, Dimitry - P
Maran, René 1887 - 1960 P
Roumain, Jacques 1907 - 1944 P

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