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Arab revolt in Palestine 1936 C Note
Partition of Palestine, creation of a Jewish state 1947 C
First Arab-Israeli War commences 1948 - 1949 C
USSR ceases diplomatic relations with Israel 1953 C
War crimes trial of Adolf Eichmann commences 1961 C
Palestine Liberation Organization founded 1964 C
Israeli commandos storm jet hijacked by terrorists in Tel Aviv 1972 C
Japanese terrorists kill 26 at Tel Aviv Airport 1972 C
Gush Emunim (Bloc of the Faithful) established 1973 C Note
Israelis leave Lebanon 1978 C
Ariel Sharon forced to resign over Shatila massacres in Lebanon 1983 C
Israel withdraws from Lebanon 1985 C
The Intifada: young Palestinians clash with Israeli forces on Gaza Strip and West Bank 1987 C
PLO admits existence of two states in Palestine - Arab and Jewish 1988 C
PLO and Israel initiate talks 1989 C
PLO-Israeli peace talks, facilitated by UN, commence 1991 C
Operation Solomon begins 1991 C Note
Yitzhak Rabin comes to power in Israel 1992 C
Declaration of Principles for peace signed by Arabs and Israelis 1993 C
Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza from exile 1994 C

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