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"Jawārī and qiyān: their role in Arabic literature up to the 10th century C
Potter’s wheel invented 6000 B.C.E. C
Wheeled carts invented 3500 B.C.E. C
Death of the prophet Mohammed 632 C
Work begins on the Grand Mosque of Damascus (the Umayyad Mosque) 706 - 715 C Note
The first bimaristan (Islamic hospital) is founded in Damascus 707 C
The Byzantine Empire loses the Balearic Islands to the Moors 707 C
Roderic becomes king of the Visigoths 710 C Note
Muslim (Moorish) conquest of the Iberian peninsula 711 - 718 C Note
Battle of Wadi Bekka 711 C Note
The Kingdom of Asturias founded by Pelagius (Pelayo) 718 C
Battle of Covadonga 722 - 722 C Note
Battle of Zab 749 C Note
Abbasid Arab empire in Baghdad 750 - 1258 C
“Chronicle of 754” (or Continuatio Hispana) composed 754 C Note
Abd-al-Rahman becomes emir of Cordoba 756 C Note
Indian system of numerals adopted by the Abbasid dynasty 760 C
The capital of the Arab empire is moved from Damascus to Baghdad 762 C
Baghdad becomes the largest city in the world, surpassing Changan in China 775 C
Battle of Roncevaux 778 C Note

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