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Headword Date Article Type
Alexandria founded by Alexander the Great C
Death of Cleopatra and Mark Antony C
Hieroglyphics C
Suez Canal opened C
Battle of El Alamein C Note
The Suez War [The Suez Crisis] C
United Arab Republic established C
Egyptian independence C Note
King Tutankhamun's tomb uncovered C Note
Great Britain garrisons Suez Canal C Note
Italians invade Egypt C
British launch West Desert Offensive C Note
Axis Troops close in on Egypt, besiege Tobruk C
First battle of El Alamein C Note
Anti-colonial riots in Egypt C Note
Egyptian military coup C
Egyptian King deposed for Prime Minister C Note
Terms established for British to remove from Suez-Canal Zone C Note
Soviets provide military support to Egypt C
Egypt nationalises Suez Canal C

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