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Souffles-Anfas C
Anglophone North African Literatures C
The Saharawi "Friendship Generation" C
Extension of Arab slave trade through the Sahara 700 C
The Berbers revolt against the Moors in North Africa 732 C
Morocco becomes an independent state 788 C
Abbasid trade connections established with India, China, Africa and Europe 833 C
Morocco becomes part of the Caliphate of Cordoba 931 C
The Berber dynasty of the Zyrids established in North-West Africa 972 C
Gothic Architecture 1120 - 1550 C
Tunis captured by the Marinids 1347 C
Black Death appears in Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Britain and North Africa 1348 C Note
Muqaddima by Ibn Khaldun completed 1406 C Note
Ceuta, Morocco, captured by Portugal 1415 C Note
Moors lose Tangiers to Portugal 1471 - 1580 C
Spanish army in North Africa takes Mers-el-Kebir from the Moors 1503 C Note
Pedro Navarro leads Spanish expedition to North Africa 1508 C Note
Spanish under Cardinal Cisneros take Oran from the Moors 1509 C Note
Sa'di dynasty gains power in Morocco 1511 - 1659 C
Spain occupies Penon (near Morocco) 1511 C

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