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Anglo-Latin Literature 597 - 1400 C
African kingdom of Ghana established 700 C Note
Sankore University founded in Timbuktu 989 C
Borno is made capital of the Kanuri Empire 1300 C Note
Empire of Benin begins to develop 1300 C
Leader of Mali, Mansa Musa, undertakes pilgrimage to Mecca 1324 - 1325 C
Great Mosque of Jenne in Mali is built 1340 C
Mali is explored by Ibn Battuta 1358 C
Kingdom of Kongo established 1390 C
Songhay achieves independence from Mali 1400 C
Tuaregs conquer Timbuktu and seize control of important trade routes 1433 C Note
Songhai Empire reaches its broadest geographical extent 1450 C Note
Sunni Ali is King of Songhai 1460 - 1490 C
Mali is replaced as the main power in sub-Saharan West Africa by the expanding Songhai Empire 1465 C
Sunni Ali removes the Tuaregs from Timbuktu 1468 C
Mossi people raid the Mali Empire 1481 C
Diogo Cao, the Portuguese explorer, sails around the Congo river 1483 C
Portuguese Catholic missionaries travel to the Kongo Kingdom 1485 C
Portugal sends embassy to Nkuma, King of Kongo 1491 C
Sunni Ali dies 1492 C Note

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