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Anglo-Latin Literature C
French colonise Madagascar and create Fort-Dauphin C
Unification of Gold Coast and British Togo C
France grants independence to several African nations C Note
Secession and civil war in Congo/ Zaire C Note
Belgium grants Rwandan and Burundian independence C
France grants Djibouti independence C
Zaire President, Mobutu, deposed C
Zaire becomes Democratic Republic of Congo C
Madagascar comes under the control of the Kingdom of Merina C
Britain tries to gain control of Madagascar C
French and British attack Madagascar C Note
Sultan of Bornu is caught and executed C
Explorer Heinrich Barth reaches Timbuktu C
Kingdom of Kaarta captured in a jihad led by Al-Hajj ├ŽUmar Tal C
Richard Burton and John Speke reach Lake Tanganyika C Note
Radama II becomes ruler of Madagascar C
Al-Hajj 'Umar Tal captures Timbuktu and establishes the Tukulor empire C
Porto Novo is established as a French Protectorate C
French establish a colony on the Senegal River C

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