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Kwani? C
Short Story C
Kenyan Popular Fiction C
Golden Age of Ghana Empire 920 - 1020 C
Ghana Empire conquers the Berber town of Awdaghost 992 C Note
Emergence of the Muslim Kingdom of Ifat 1300 C Note
Ethiopia reaches the height of its power under Amde Tseyon 1344 C
Kanajeji, King of Kano, dies 1410 C Note
Ming admiral reaches Malindi and trades in silk, bullion, lions, rhinos and myrrh 1430 C Note
Act of Union between the Church of Rome and the Church of Ethiopia 1441 C
Portugal begins trading on the West African Gold Coast 1470 C
Fort Sao Jorge da Mina built on the Gold Coast by the Portuguese 1481 C
Portuguese envoy, Pero da Covilha, reaches Ethiopia and is held there by the Emperor 1494 C
Portuguese claim tribute from Zanzibar 1503 C
Portuguese sack Mombasa after its refusal to pay tribute 1505 C Note
Lebna Dengal becomes ruler of Ethiopia 1508 C
King of Ethiopia hosts Portuguese ambassadors 1520 C
Christian Nubia conquered by Muslims 1527 C
The Mombasa revolt against Portugal 1528 C
Leader of Adal begins a jihad against Christian Ethiopia 1529 C

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