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William Jansz leads Dutch expedition to explore the coast of Cape York 1606 C Note
Dirk Hartog lands on west coast of Australia 1616 C
Tasman lands in Van Dieman's Land 1642 C
William Dampier lands on west coast of Australia 1688 C Note
Dampier's A Voyage to New Holland in the Year 1699 1703 C Note
Captain Cook takes British possession of Australia 1770 C Note
James Cook lands in Botany Bay 1770 C Note
Hulks Act 1776 C Note
New South Wales identified by Britain as a penal colony 1786 C
Transportation of convicts to Australia begins 1787 C
First British penal settlement is founded at Botany Bay 1788 C
First Fleet led by Arthur Phillip arrives in Port Jackson 1788 - 1788 C Note
Settlement founded at Sydney Cove 1788 C
Formal establishment of New South Wales colony 1788 C
Prison settlement established at Norfolk Island 1788 C
Mutiny on the Bounty 1789 C
George Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer is performed 1789 C Note
British expedition against Aborigines at Botany Bay 1790 C
John Irving is the first convict in New South Wales to be freed 1790 C
Second Fleet arrives in Port Jackson 1790 - 1790 C

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