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Captain Cook takes British possession of Australia Context Note 0
First British penal settlement is founded at Botany Bay Context 0
William Jansz leads Dutch expedition to explore the coast of Cape York Context Note 0
Dirk Hartog lands on west coast of Australia Context 0
William Dampier lands on west coast of Australia Context Note 0
Australia pledges troops to assist US in Vietnam Context 0
Australian independence Context Note 0
Dominion Status for Australia and New Zealand Context Note 0
Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany Context 0
Japanese midget submarines attack Sydney Harbour Context 0
Suspected pending Japanese invasion of Australia Context Note 0
ANZUS Pact signed Context Note 0
South East Asia Treaty Organization established Context Note 0
Australian Referendum grants Australian Aborigines Citizenship Context 0
First South Pacific Forum Context Note 0
Darwin devastated by Cyclone Tracy Context 0
Australia restricts immigration Context 0
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation established Context Note 0
Australia votes against becoming a republic Context 0
Transportation of convicts to Australia begins Context 0

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