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Settlement of New Zealand by Polynesian colonists is complete 850 C
Classic Maori Period in New Zealand 1350 C
Abel Tasman discovers New Zealand 1642 C Note
James Cook lands in New Zealand at Poverty Bay 1769 C
James Cook charts New Zealand coast 1769 C
Christian mission by Samuel Marsden in the Bay of Islands 1814 C
First Protestant missionaries in New Zealand 1814 C Note
Maori "Musket Wars" 1818 C Note
Whaling and sealing stations established in New Zealand 1825 C
New Zealand has only 200 foreigners permanently resident 1830 C
New Zealand Association founded 1837 - 1852 C Note
Treaty of Waitangi 1840 C Note
New Zealand becomes a separate British colony 1841 C
First Maori War 1843 - 1846 C Note
Northern War 1845 - 1846 C Note
Further Maori risings in New Zealand 1845 C Note
New Zealand divided into six provinces by Constitution Act 1852 C
King Movement demands Maori state 1858 C Note
Second Maori War 1860 - 1870 C
Europeans outnumber Maori in New Zealand 1860 C

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