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'Lichfield House Compact' allies Daniel O'Connell with Whig opposition 1835 C Note
'March of the Blanketeers' 1817 C Note
'Ministry of all the Talents' falls 1807 C Note
12 Hour Working Day for English Juveniles 1819 C
Abolition of slave trade in the British Empire; prohibition of slave imports to USA 1807 C Note
Abolitionism and Anti-Slavery (British) 1780 - 1807 C
Act against Administering Unlawful Oaths 1797 C Note
Act for the Protection of Children in Cotton Mills 1819 C
Act limiting working hours for children 1825 C Note
Act of Parliament protects King and Prince Regent 1817 C
Act preventing seditious meetings 1817 C
Act suspending Habeas Corpus repealed 1818 C Note
Addington tenders resignation after Irish Militia bill 1804 C
Additional Force Act 1804 - 1806 C Note
Agricultural Enclosures: the major phase, 1760 onwards 1760 C
Amended Second Reform Bill passed by the House of Commons 1831 C Note
Anti-Jacobin, The 1797 - 1798 C
Apothecaries Act 1815 C
As 'Secretary to the Colony' John Macarthur has significant administrative power 1808 C
Athenaeum Club 1824 C Note

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