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'Lichfield House Compact' allies Daniel O'Connell with Whig opposition 1835 Context Note 5 2011-12-30
'March of the Blanketeers' 1817 Context Note 5 2010-03-01
'Ministry of all the Talents' falls 1807 Context Note 5 2010-03-01
“Abou Ben Adhem” (Leigh Hunt) 1834 Works 1
“Hymn for the children of Petworth” in Charles Dunster, Psalms and hymns for Petworth church (William Hayley) 1820 Works 4
“Jenny Kissed Me” (Leigh Hunt) 1838 Works 4 2014-06-16
“Life of Crashaw”, in Kippis’ Biographia Britannica or, the lives of the most eminent persons, who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages, to the present times (William Hayley) 1789 Works 3
“Preface” in Select poems &c by the late John Dawes Worgan of Bristol (William Hayley) 1810 Works 4
“The Fish, the Man and the Spirit” (Leigh Hunt) 1836 Works 1
“The Prince on St. Patrick’s Day” (Leigh Hunt) 1812 Works 1
A Beggar on Horseback (John O'Keeffe) 1785 Works 4
A Border Garland. Containing Nine New Songs (James Hogg) 1819 Works 2
A Busy Day; or, An Arrival from India (Fanny Burney) 1778 Works 2 2012-02-23
A Course of Experimental Agriculture (Arthur Young) 1770 Works 2
A Description of the Scenery of the Lakes in the North of England (William Wordsworth) 1810 Works 2
A Dialogue on the Distinct Character of the Picturesque and the Beautiful (Uvedale Price) 1801 Works 3
A Father's New Year's Gift (James Hogg) 1832 Works 2
A Fragment on Government (Jeremy Bentham) 1776 Works 1
A French Grammar (William Cobbett) 1824 Works 3
A Grammar of the English Language (William Cobbett) 1818 Works 3

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