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Chinese astronomers record solar eclipse 2136 B.C.E. C
Invention of coins 640 B.C.E. C
Invention of paper 105 C Note
Printing method developed by Chinese 350 C Note
Porcelain invented in China 700 C
Construction of the Leshan Giant Buddha in China 713 - 803 C Note
The world’s first mechanical clock is built in China 723 C
The An Shi Rebellion in China 755 - 763 C Note
Rebel Mongol general An Lushan declares himself emperor in China 756 C
The Classic of Tea is written by Chinese writer Lu Yu 760 - 780 C Note
Invasion of China by Tibetans; Uighurs sack the Chinese city of Luoyang 763 C
Chinese invention of gunpowder 800 C
Sino-Tibetan treaty recognizing the independence of Tibet 821 C
The Uighur Turks of Central Asia are pushed out by the Khirgiz 840 - 841 C Note
In China, Buddhism and foreign religions proscribed 845 C
Arab navigators perfect the astrolabe and travel to China 850 C Note
First printed newspaper in China 868 C
Peasant uprisings in China 870 C
Nepal gains independence from Tibet 879 C
“Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms” period in China 907 - 960 C Note

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