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Boxer Rising 1899 - 1901 C
Chinese Literature, 1900 to the present 1900 - 2006 C
Manchuria occupied by Russia 1900 - 1905 C
The U.S. helped suppress Boxers in Beijing 1900 C Note
Australian troops go to China to help put down the Boxer Rebellion 1900 C
German ambassador's assassination begins siege of legations 1900 C Note
International expedition takes Tientsin 1900 C Note
International force relieves legations in Peking 1900 C
Boxers rising in China against Europeans 1900 - 1901 C Note
Peace of Peking: end of Boxer Rebellion 1901 C Note
Manchuria China makes appeals regarding Russia 1901 C Note
Russo-Chinese agreement to evacuate Manchuria 1902 C
Anglo-Chinese commercial treaty 1902 C Note
Educational and economic reform in China 1902 C
Japanese cripple Russian fleet off Port Arthur 1904 C Note
Japanese defeat Russians at Liaoyang, China 1904 C Note
Anglo-Tibetan Treaty 1904 C Note
Russians surrender Port Arthur to Japanese 1905 C
Japanese defeat Russians at Mukden 1905 C Note
Chinese boycott U.S. goods 1905 C

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