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Japanese Drama C
Ran (1985) - film adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear C
The Taiho Code issued in Japan 701 C Note
Empress Gemmei establishes Nara as the first permanent capital of Japan 710 C
The Muslim Kingdom of Nekor is founded in North Africa 710 C
Compilation of the Kojiki, Japan’s oldest chronicle 712 C Note
The world’s oldest hotel, Houshi Onsen, is founded in Japan 718 C
The Yoro Code of Japan completed 718 C Note
The Nihon Shoki, the second oldest book of Japanase history, is completed 720 C Note
Todai Temple near Nara, Japan, is completed 748 C
Manyōshu, an anthology of Japanese poetry, is compiled 759 C Note
Heian period in Japan 794 - 1185 C Note
Tendai Buddhism introduced in Japan 804 - 805 C
The Story of the Bamboo Gatherer, earliest Japanese prose narrative 890 C Note
Kokinshu, earliest known anthology of Japanese poetry 905 C
Noh drama begins to develop in Japan 1325 C
Civil war in Japan against Hogo regency 1331 C
Decline of the Kamakura shogunate 1333 C
Ashikaga shogunate established in Japan 1338 C
Ashikaga Shoguns are the most influential power in Japan 1350 C

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