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Headword Date Article Type
Haiku C
Hiroshima and Nagasaki C Note
Japanese Drama C
First European contact with Japan C Note
Japan restricts commerce with foreigners C Note
Opening of Japan C Note
Japan began persecution of Christians C
US forces land and take Okinawa C Note
Russo-Japanese War commences C Note
Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty: Korea annexed to Japan C
Great fire of Mereiki C Note
Japan departs League of Nations C Note
Amau Doctrine C Note
Japanese proclaim "New Order" for Asia C Note
The Soviet Union and Japan sign Neutrality Pact C Note
Japan departs anti-Comintern pact C
US troops invade Luzon, Philippines C Note
US forces liberate Philippines C Note
US commences a series of bombing raids on main Japanese cities C
1,000-Bomber raid on Japan C

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