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Conquests of Alexander the Great in India 327 B.C.E. - 325 B.C.E. C
Numerical representation of zero 550 C Note
Rajput kingdom in India established 800 C
Southern India conquered by Malik Kafur 1302 - 1316 C
Madura captured by the Delhi Sultanate 1311 C
North Deccan defeated by the Delhi Sultanate 1312 C
Kingdom of Maharashtra invaded by Delhi Sultanate 1318 C
Tughluq dynasty takes control 1320 C Note
Delhi Sultanate reaches point of greatest expansion 1321 C
Amir Khusrau, mystic Muslim poet, dies 1325 C Note
Ibn Battuta is a judge in Delhi 1334 - 1341 C
Establishment of the Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagara in southern India 1336 - 1646 C
Harihara founds capital temple city of the Vijayanagara Empire 1343 C
Vijayanagara Empire attains the height of its power 1370 C
Timur invades India and sacks the capital, Delhi 1398 C Note
Pathan dynasty established at Delhi 1451 - 1526 C
Afanasii Nikitin leads a Russian trade mission to Northern India 1470 C
Pero de Covilha reaches India via the Red Sea 1487 - 1489 C Note
Yusuf Adil Shah becomes rules of Bijapur 1489 C
Vasco de Gama discovers a sea-route from Europe to India via the Cape of Good Hope 1498 C Note

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