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Headword Date Article Type
India transferred to British Crown C Note
Indian Empire proclaimed C Note
Hartal C
"Morley-Minto" Reforms C Note
All-India Campaign for Self-Rule launched C Note
Gandhi elected President of Indian National Congress C
India protests Salt Tax C Note
India achieves partial self-government C Note
India refuses aid for the Allied war effort C Note
Muslim Indians apply Pressure for an independent and separate state of Pakistan C Note
British officials place Ghandi into custody C
Allies relieve siege of Imphal C Note
British conquest of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa C Note
British ousted from Calcutta by Mogul forces C Note
British recapture Calcutta from Mogul forces C Note
French capture Fort St. David, India C Note
British oust French from Pondicherry, south-east India C Note
East India Company granted status of tax collector for Bengal, Bihar and Orissa C Note
Rohilla War C Note
First Maratha War C Note

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