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Indian Women Poets Writing in English C
Robert Clive takes Arcot 1751 C Note
Clive defeats Dupleix at Arni 1751 C Note
The French surrender to Clive and Lawrence in south India 1752 C Note
French East India Company abandons plans for further conquests 1754 C Note
British conquest of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1756 - 1764 C Note
British ousted from Calcutta by Mogul forces 1756 C Note
Robert Clive takes Fulta and relieves the English fugitives 1756 C Note
British recapture Calcutta from Mogul forces 1757 C Note
French capture Fort St. David, India 1758 C Note
Lally advances against Madras 1758 C Note
The Dutch capitulate to Clive at Chinsura 1758 C Note
French abandon siege of Madras when a British fleet arrives 1759 C Note
British take Masulipatam 1759 C Note
Eyre Coote becomes British Commander in Madras 1759 C Note
Battle of Wandiwash 1760 C Note
Robert Clive leaves India 1760 C Note
British oust French from Pondicherry, south-east India 1761 C Note
Afghans defeat Mahrattas at Paniput 1761 C Note
Mir Kasim of Murshidabad defeated 1763 C Note

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