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The Silver-Fork Novel C
Utilitarianism 1776 - 1870 C
Sensation fiction 1830 - 1880 C
Oxford Movement 1833 - 1850 C
Chartism 1837 - 1848 C
First functional electric telegraph system produced 1837 C Note
Acute financial and commercial crisis in Britain 1837 - 1843 C Note
Anti-Corn Law League founded 1838 - 1846 C Note
First transatlantic crossing by steamship 1838 C Note
I K Brunel's steamship is launched 1838 C Note
Pluralities Act 1838 C Note
Radicals attempt to introduce a secret ballot, more frequent elections and free trade in corn 1838 C Note
Royal Agricultural Society of England founded 1838 C Note
Public Record Office established 1838 C Note
Temporary provision made by British government for Lower Canada 1838 C Note
Treaty of London 1839 C Note
County Police Act 1839 C Note
Appointment of first school inspectors in the UK 1839 C Note
Custody of Infants Act 1839 C Note
First Chartist Petition rejected 1839 C Note

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