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Aikant, Satish. “Going Native, Cautiously: Colonial Ambivalence in Rudyard Kipling’s Kim.” In Kipling in India, India in Kipling, eds., Harish Trivedi and Janet Montefiore, London and New York: Routledge, 2021.
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Albrecht, Monika. Generationenroman, Entangled History und transnationale Erinnerungs-kultur. Am Beispiel von Orkun Ertener, Lebt (2014), Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex (2002), und Hanif Kureishi, My Ear at his Heart. Reading my Father (2004). In Helmut Grugger, Johann Holzner (eds.), Der Generationenroman. Band 2. Berlin, Boston, MA: de Gruyter 2021, 603-623.
Albrecht, Monika: "Displacement and Extinction of the Ottoman Greeks: Reflections on Contemporary German Memory Culture and Politics." In The Displacement, Extinction and Genocide of the Pontic Greeks 1916–1923, Medardus Brehl, Kristin Platt (eds.). Weilerswist-Metternich Velbrück Wissenschaft 2021. October.
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Clark, Robert. "Robinsonades and Brexit: Free Trade, Empire and the Whole World.” In 300 years of Robinsonades, ed. Emmanuelle Peraldo. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2020. 165-189.
Deiulio, Laura. “'A Portrait of the Moment’: Rahel Levin Varnhagen’s Letters at the Boundary of Life Writing.” Contested Selves: Life Writing and German Culture. Eds. Katja Herges and Elisabeth Krimmer. Rochester NY: Camden House, 2021. 33-50.
Donohue, Cecilia. "'Normal People' Indeed!: Anne Tyler, Sally Rooney, and the Narrative of Youthful Quirk." Irish Journal of American Studies 10 (2020-21). Web. 
Kerr, Douglas, ed. Arthur Conan Doyle, Memories and Adventures. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2021. This is the first scholarly edition of Conan Doyle's autobiography, and is scheduled for publication in November 2021. It will be the first volume to appear in the Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Twenty-two volumes are planned.
Komporaly, Jozefina.  “Contesting Censorship: Hamlet as Political Intervention.” In Hamlet Translations, eds. Márta Minier and Lily Kahn. Oxford: Legenda, 2021. pp. 197-210.
Zaman, Niaz, ed. The Demoness: Best Bangladeshi Stories 1971-2021. Delhi: Aleph, 2021.
Zaman, Niaz, ed. Stories Four O Four. Dhaka: Department of English and Modern Languages, Independent University, Bangladesh, 2021

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