Nicoletta Caputo

Nicoletta Caputo is a lecturer in English Literature at the University of Pisa. She holds a PhD in English from the Universities of Pisa and Florence. She has also held a Research Fellowship at the Folger Shakespeare Library (Washington D.C.). She has published articles and a volume on Tudor drama (Playing with Power: gli interludi Tudor e i percorsi della Riforma, Napoli: Liguori, 1998); essays on nineteenth-century stage history and on contemporary English theatre and fiction (on Angela Carter, on Martin Amis and on feminist rewritings of history), as well as a monograph on Carter's Nights at the Circus (‘New Wine in Old Bottles’: il bricolage intellettuale di Angela Carter in “Nights at the Circus”, Arezzo: Bibliotheca Aretina, 2010). She is currently working on the afterlife of Shakespeare's King Richard III.

Her recent publications include:
- “Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve (1977): Sexual Transmutation as Psycho-physical Exile”, in Ouditt, ed. Displaced Persons: Conditions of Exile in European Culture (Ashgate, 2002);
- “A ‘Deformed’ Christianity: Ethical Transubstantiation in English Reformation Plays”, in Burnham and Giaccherini, eds. The Poetics of Transubstantiation: From Theology to Metaphor (Ashgate, 2005);
- “‘Which play was of a king how he should rule his realm’: Tudor Interludes Advising the Ruler”, HJEAS. Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies 11.1 (Spring 2005);
- “‘I can add colours to the chameleon’: King Richard III’s Metamorphic History”, in Dente, Ferzoco, Gill and Spunta, eds. Proteus. The Language of Metamorphosis (Ashgate, 2005);
- “Entertainers ‘on the Vagabond Fringe’: Jugglers in Tudor and Stuart England”, in Serpieri and Pugliatti, eds. English Renaissance Scenes: From Canon to Margins (Lang, 2008);
- “Edmund Kean or ‘the Romantic Actor’”, in Crisafulli and Pietropoli, eds. The Languages of Performance in British Romanticism (Lang, 2008);
- “The Defence of Religious Orthodoxy in John Heywood’s The Pardoner and the Frere”, The Yearbook of English Studies 38.1- 2 (2008);
- “Performing the Passions: David Garrick and Edmund Kean in King Richard The Third”, Assaph. Studies in the Theatre 24 (2010);
- “Looking for Richard III in Romantic Times: Thomas Bridgman’s and William Charles Macready’s Abortive Stage Adaptations”, Theatre Survey 52.2 ( 2011);
- “Melodrama Gets to the Heart of Shakespeare: The “Ogreish” King Richard III of George Frederick Cooke”, Textus 34.1 (2011).