Katerina Philippides

I teach Roman comedy & tragedy in a Department of Theater Studies, which is oriented basically to the classical theater (& its contemporary productions). My approach is mainly dramatological but I am also interested in the interpretation of classical texts generally. My publications are: A) dramatological: 1) "Contrasting Houses, Contrasting Values: An Interpretation of Plautus 'Mostellaria' Based on Mirror Scenes," 1999 2) "On the Fourth Choral Song of Seneca's 'Agamemnon'," 2013 3) "The Parallel Two Plays in Plautus' 'Captivi': A Dramatological Reading of the Comedy" (forthcoming) 4) "Symmetrical Recognitions in Plautus' 'Epidicus'" (forthcoming) B) Other: 1) Terence's 'Eunuchus': Elements of the Marriage Ritual in the Rape Scene," 1995 2) "Canace Misunderstood: Ovid's 'Heroides' XI," 1996 3) "The Fox and the Wolf: Archilochus' 81D/185 W and Pindar's 'Olympian' .87-91," 2009 4) "Tyndarus' Past: The Name Paegnium in Plautus' 'Captivi'," 2011