Kuisma Johannes Korhonen

Kuisma Korhonen is Professor of Literature at the University of Oulu. Before moving to Oulu in 2009, he worked as research fellow at the University of Helsinki. His publications include Textual Friendship: The Essay as Impossible Encounter (2006), Lukijoiden yhteisö (The Community of Readers, 2011); Tropes for the Past: Hayden White and the History / Literature Debate (ed., 2006); as well as numerous essays and book chapters, published in Finnish, English, French, German, and Norvegian. He has also co-edited, together with Pajari Räsänen, the volume The Event of Encounter in Art and Philosophy: Continental Perspectives (2010), and with Arto Haapala, Sara Heinämaa, Kristian Klockars and Pajari Räsänen the volume Chiasmatic Encounters: Art, Ethics, Politics. He is currently writing a book on cultural memory and material imagination.