David M. Christenson

David Christenson (Ph.D. Classical Philology, Harvard University) is Professor of Classics and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Arizona. His publications include a Latin edition and commentary of Plautus’ Amphitruo (2000) in Cambridge University Press’ Greek and Latin Classics series, and two volumes of translations, Roman Comedy: Five Plays by Plautus and Terence (2010) and Four Plays by Plautus: Casina, Amphitryon, Captivi, Pseudolus (2008), both with Focus Publishing. He has just completed Hysterical Laughter: Four Ancient Comedies about Women (Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, Menander’s Samia, Plautus’ Casina, Terence’s Hecyra) (Oxford University Press). His study of historicity and metatheater in Roman comedy, to be published in I.B. Tauris’ Understanding Classics series, and a Latin edition and commentary of Plautus’ Pseudolus (Cambridge University Press) are forthcoming. He has published, or has forthcoming, numerous articles and chapters on Latin and Greek works and authors, as well as Literary Encyclopedia articles on ten plays of Plautus and Terence. His main areas of specialization are ancient drama, late Republican and Augustan literature and culture, and women in antiquity.

David Christenson’s University of Arizona webpage: http://classics.arizona.edu/node/100