Frances Chiu

Frances A. Chiu (Ph.D.--Oxford University) is an Assistant Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at The New School. She has published in 18th-century Life, Romanticism on the Net, Le Fanu Studies, and Charles Scribner's British Writers Retrospective Supplement (amongst others) and presented papers at the Debartolo, ASECs, BSECS and 18th and 19th c. British women writers conferences. She has also produced the first modern scholarly editions of Ann Radcliffe's Gaston de Blondeville and Sheridan Le Fanu's Rose and the Key for Valancourt Books. In 2011, she was nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Award. She is presently working on a study of horror and the rise of modern liberalism as well as a critical biography of Le Fanu. She has a blog, "History is on our Side: the 99% writes back."